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Pinellas Deputy Earns National Recognition

Sgt. Todd Bailey | Pinellas Sheriff | National Sheriffs Association

The National Sheriffs’ Association named Sgt. Todd Bailey as the 2015 Deputy of the Year in Corrections Innovation.

PINELLAS COUNTY – Sgt. Todd Bailey was selected as the 2015 Deputy of the Year in Corrections Innovation by the National Sheriffs’ Association. He was presented the award June 27 at the National Sheriff’s Association Conference in Baltimore, MD. This award recognizes a correctional professional who has created an innovative process, program or procedure that has contributed to the improvement of the corrections environment.

In September 2013, the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office took over the responsibility of overseeing and managing the misdemeanor probation unit for all of Pinellas County. Bailey was instrumental in developing, initiating, and making the changeover successful. His unit currently supervises approximately 2,500 probationers throughout Pinellas County. It has an annual budget of about $1.4 million. Bailey has worked with the Pinellas County Sheriff since 1989.

“Congratulations and thanks to Sgt. Bailey and all the members of the misdemeanor probation unit for your hard work in making the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office shine on the national stage,” Sheriff Bob Gualtieri said.

Nominations for the awards were judged by the NSA Awards Committee earlier this year. Bailey competed against nominees from 3,100 sheriff’s offices across the country. For information, see

Photograph showing Gualtieri and Bailey courtesy of the Pinellas County Sheriff.

Pinellas County Sheriff | Bob Gualtieri | National Sheriffs’ Association | Todd Bailey

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