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Obituary Notice and Memorial Services Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay Reporter offers several ways to memorialize your loved one’s passing: notifications, traditional obituary, custom feature obituary and a video commemoration. These are generally handled by the funeral director or through the funeral home. Ask him or her for more information or read below for a short description of each type of memorial.

Tampa Bay Reporter can work directly with a family member. However, before an obituary can be printed on, it must be presented by a funeral home or the appropriate authority must verify the death. If a family member wishes to work directly with Tampa Bay Reporter instead of through a funeral home, he or she must provide a telephone number or other information, such as a copy of the death certificate, through which we can verify the death of the individual. This is a precautionary measure taken by Tampa Bay Reporter to make sure our information is accurate and no falsified information is printed. The family member must also leave his or her name and phone number so we have a contact in case we have questions or other issues arise. We also require the name, address, and other contact information of the person responsible for payment of paid obituaries.



A two- to three-sentence notification of your loved one’s passing. Tampa Bay Reporter lists these free of charge.

Obituary Notification Form

Traditional Obituaries

Traditional obituaries are paid notices. They come in two formats, the short obituary and the full obituary. These are typically filled out by your funeral director. Each has a guest book and allows photos and other tributes.

Obituary Short Form

Obituary Long Form


A custom, paid obituary by a professional writer who will interview friends and family members.

AfterWords Example


A custom, paid video memorial using photos, documents and other information supplied by friends and family. The video is set to music chosen from a list provided by Tampa Bay Reporter. For an example of a

Basic memorial video example – Chester Paul Wolfe

Customized memorial video – Ray Neri

For information on submitting an obituary, please contact Tampa Bay Reporter by phone at 1-855-4tbnews (482-6397) or email at

Or fill out the Obituary Request Form