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5 Things to do on Valentine’s Weekend in St. Petersburg

By JON WILSON, Consulting Editor, TB Reporter

Try some ideas that are, well, different

Because this is the weekend when Cupid shoots all these hotshot arrows and every media outlet seems to have its list guaranteed to produce romance on short notice, we thought we’d submit a short list of our own. Short, possibly because we are old and lazy. And perhaps just a bit peculiar. But enough of the small talk. Let us move to the chase. We think:

  1. It would be a fine idea to catch the Saturday morning market, retire to the Ale and Witch or the Wine Madonna for a bit of refreshment, then dine at Chief’s Creole Café. Oh, and between the market and the Witch/Madonna, treat yourself to one of the best views in downtown St. Pete: from the Canopy atop the Birchwood on Beach Drive.
  2. It would be an adventurous idea to get you and your date a canoe or kayak, pop it in Bartlett Lake and paddle Salt Creek to Tampa Bay. Hey, the students Prof. Tom Hallock’s classes at USF St. Pete do it regularly.   (Believe us, there’s nothing like stopping for a quick smooch under the Thrill Hill Bridge. But watch out for the Whacked-Out Sailor. Sometimes he’s under there in his big waders fishing for who-knows-what.)
  3. It would be an unusual idea to put some tweed clothes. Like jackets, we suppose. Are there tweed trousers? Ah, we digress. Thing is, you can go on a Tweed Bike Ride Saturday (Feb. 13) around St. Pete. True fact! Google up St. Petersburg Tweed Ride 2016 for the particulars.
  4. It might be a scary idea for you and your date to find the Lovelorn Lady of Lantern Lane. We’re not sure where Lantern Lane is. Or was. It is said by some to have been a dusty pathway in what was downtown St. Pete, circa 1906. There a lady dressed in purple satin and  white linen — or maybe it was lace– died a heartbroken death, poisoned by her faithless lover.  It is said that her spirit refuses to move on. (Yes, we know it is Valentine’s, not Halloween, but a ghost hunt may encourage your date to cuddle right up.)
  5. It could be a fun idea for you and your wife — you call each other Ma and Pa now — to have a photography session with your grandchildren. Dress ’em up for the holiday. Get a picture like the one with this article. Show it to your friends! “Hey, did I show you my … ? “

Whatever you do . . . we at Tampa Bay Reporter wish our friends a wonderful Valentine’s Day. And chocolate. Eat it if you got it.

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5 Things to do on Valentine's Weekend in St. Petersburg
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5 Things to do on Valentine's Weekend in St. Petersburg
Try some ideas that are, well, different.
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