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Pinellas Property Tax Exemption Deadline is Monday

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Florida offers several property tax breaks for qualified residents, who must apply by the Monday (March 2) deadline.

PINELLAS COUNTY –  Property Appraiser Pam Dubov reminds permanent residents of Pinellas County that they may qualify for one or more property tax exemptions, which may result in hundreds of dollars in property tax savings. But, they must apply by the Monday (March 2) deadline.

Florida offers several property tax benefits for qualified residents:

  • Homestead exemption for a primary residence
  • Low income senior exemptions
  • Widow/widower exemptions
  • Disability exemptions and exemptions for blind persons
  • Exemptions for veterans with a service connected disability (or for his or her surviving spouse)
  • Discount for combat wounded Florida veterans older than 65
  • An additional property tax exemption for certain deployed members of the U.S. military.

Some important facts to remember:

  • The homestead exemption automatically renews each year, but not all of the exemptions do.
  • If you purchased a property that had a homestead exemption at the time of purchase, that exemption will be removed on Dec. 31, and you will need to apply for your own.
  • The deadline to file for a personal exemption for is March 1. However, since March 1 falls on a Sunday this year, the deadline is extended to Monday (March 2).

Each exemption has its own set of qualifications. To find out if you qualify, or for additional information, call the Personal Exemptions Division at (727) 464-3294 or go to for information or to apply.

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