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Pinellas to Resume Ambulance Billing on Saturday

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Collection efforts for non-payment were suspended in March because of hardships created by COVID-19.

PINELLAS COUNTY – Sunstar Ambulance Billing will resume normal practices for ambulance invoices on Saturday (Aug. 1).

All invoices that were held for nonpayment will recommence through the billing system after collection efforts for non-payment were suspended in March due to hardships created by COVID-19.

Pinellas County ambulance billing customers can pay their bills online at, by phone at (727) 582-2008, or by mail to Sunstar Emergency Medical Services, P.O. Box 31074, Tampa, FL 33631-3074. Customers who still have difficulty paying their ambulance bill are encouraged to contact the Pinellas County ambulance billing customer service team by phone at (727) 582-2008 to set up an interest-free payment plan.

Pinellas County ambulance billing will resend a final notice to customers who are in collection review with an unpaid past due balance on Friday (July 31) to allow additional time for the patient to coordinate payment arrangements and avoid collection efforts.

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