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Suspects, Victim Arrested in Pinellas Park

Anthony Aleman | Bradly D'Andrea | Mia Rose Calvert

The victim told officers he had been attacked with a machete, the Pinellas Park Police Department said.

PINELLAS PARK – A man who told officers he was the victim of a machete attack during an armed robbery was arrested Wednesday (July 11) along with the man and woman he accused of attacking him, according to the Pinellas Park Police Department.

Anthony Wayne Aleman, 42, of St. Petersburg, was charged with one count of armed robbery. Police said he was on drug probation and felony probation for armed robbery. Aleman had two active arrest warrants.

Mia Rose Calvert, 26, of Pinellas Park, was charged with one count each of armed robbery and tampering with physical evidence.

Bradly D’Andrea, 56, of Seminole, was charged with one count each of possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of crack cocaine, and possession with intent to sell heroin.

Police were called to an address on 80th Terrace N about 2:30 p.m. Wednesday for a call from a man who said he was attacked with a machete. When officers arrived, they discovered he was threatened with a machete but not hit with it. However, the man, D’Andrea, did have “significant facial injuries” as the result of being attacked by a man and woman who fled before officers arrived.

While officers spoke to D’Andrea to find out exactly what happened, other police and K-9 units searched for the suspects.

D’Andrea told police he knew both the man and woman and had come to the house in Pinellas Park to rent a room. He said that while he was asking about the room and the price, the woman charged at him while
swinging a machete. He said that as he pushed the woman away, the man came at him from behind and placed him in a choke hold. He said that, as he struggled to get free, the woman picked up a ceramic mug and beat him in the head and face.

While he was being attacked, D’Andrea said, his wallet was stolen. When he was finally able to break free, the man and woman locked the door to the house and fled on foot. D’Andrea needed medical attention to close the wounds on his head and face.

Police K-9 units, with the help of patrol officers, found the man and woman a short distance from the scene. They had changed clothes before they were found. Both were taken into custody.

Both suspects told the police a different story than the one D’Andrea had given officers. Their story was ultimately corroborated by D’Andrea, police said.

D’Andrea went to the home to sell heroin to both suspects. An argument about money led to the woman’s trying to hit D’Andrea with the machete. She was able to get the drugs from him and consumed them
before fleeing, officers said.

Police said they recovered the stolen money from the man and woman. Officers said they also discovered that D’Andrea had taken the remaining heroin and placed it in the trunk of the taxi that he drove to the scene.

Photo shows, from left, Anthony Aleman, Bradly D’Andrea, and Mia Rose Calvert


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Suspects, Victim Arrested in Pinellas Park
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Suspects, Victim Arrested in Pinellas Park
The victim told officers he had been attacked with a machete, the Pinellas Park Police Department said.
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