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St. Petersburg to Expand Alley Recycling

By JON WILSON, Consulting Editor, TB Reporter

The idea is to increase participation in the recycling program.

ST. PETERSBURG — St. Petersburg residents who have been participating in the city recycling program since June have decreased the amount of trash sent to the landfill — and now the city’s trying to make the process easier for some residents.

To increase recycling participation and make the process more convenient for residents who currently have their trash picked up in the alley, alley recycling collection will start Monday (Jan. 25). The alley collection will begin on residents’ designated recycling day.

If you currently have trash picked up in the alley, your recycling will be collected in the alley. If you currently have trash picked up at the curb, your recycling will continue to collected at the curb.

The change affects about 31,000 addresses and applies only to those addresses that currently have trash pickup in the alley.

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