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Dade City Bank Employees Spooked by Cell Phone

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The bank called for police help for a robbery.

DADE CITY – A cell phone holder that resembled a Taser prompted employees at a Wells Fargo to call police Friday (Feb. 1) to report a bank robbery.

It happened this way, according to the Dade City Police Department:

Police answered a of an armed robbery in progress at the Wells Fargo Bank on Meridian Avenue at about 9 a.m. Few details were offered on the initial call, but the suspects were said to have left in a black Kia.

Responding officers found the Kia and its occupants at Morningside Plaza on U.S. 301 about six minutes after the call. The suspects were taken out of the car and detained.

Officers found a “novelty” cellphone holder, with a phone still attached, on the front passenger floorboard. The device had characteristics and shape similar to a Taser.

Investigators spoke with one of the suspects who said they had made a transaction at the bank and left. One of them had taken the novelty device inside the bank, but merely waited for his companion.

This man never approached the counters, never spoke with anyone and never made any threats.These details were quickly verified through interviews with bank employees and a review of the surveillance videos.

The suspects were very cooperative with the officers and were subsequently released from custody without being charged. The novelty cellphone holder was voluntarily turned over to police for destruction.

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