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Pinellas Park Police Charge Tampa Man with Manslaughter

Cortina | Traffic Crash | Pinellas Park

The charges arose from an early morning high speed traffic crash that killed one and injured another.

PINELLAS PARK – Police here have accused a man of stalking an ex-girlfriend and causing a traffic crash that injured her and killed her current boyfriend early this morning (Dec. 12).

Arrested was Yordan Acosta Cortina, 37,  0f 8903 Palmetto Way in Tampa. Police charged him with manslaughter and aggravated stalking. He was taken to the Pinellas County Jail.

Dead of injuries sustained in the crash was Addienys Calderon-Martinez, 25, of St. Petersburg. Injured in the crash was Madelyn Gonzalez-Mederos, 29, also of St. Petersburg.

Pinellas Park police say it happened this way:

Cortina had been stalking Gonzalez-Mederos after a recent break up.  Just after midnight this morning (Dec. 12), Cortina was waiting in the parking lot at 7150 Bryan Dairy Road where Gonzalez-Mederos works to confront her about their recent break up.

Gonzalez-Mederos and Mr. Calderon-Martinez, who was her current boyfriend, left their work together. Gonzalez-Mederos was driving a 2010 Honda Accord belonging to Mr. Calderon-Martinez. Cortina followed them in his 2006 Nissan Altima along Bryan Dairy until they turned south on 66th Street N. At some point, Gonzalez-Mederos became aware they were being followed and pulled into a gas station and confirmed it was Cortina following them. Gonzalez-Mederos then went  northbound on 66th Street north of Bryan Dairy Road trying to get away from Cortina who was still following.  Police said Gonzalez-Mederos made a U-turn and headed back south on 66th, “blowing through” the intersection of Bryan Dairy Road at a high rate of speed to try evading Cortina who was still following.

A Pinellas County Sheriff’s deputy saw the two cars traveling at a high rate of speed on southbound 66th and tried to catch up to them. Before the deputy caught up, Gonzalez-Mederos lost control of her car and left the roadway at a high rate of speed at 66th and 100th Avenue, which resulted in a serious crash.  The deputy arrived to find the crash and Cortina stopped at the scene.

Mr. Calderon-Martinez was pronounced deceased at the scene, police said. Gonzalez-Mederos was taken to a local hospital with non-life threatening injures.

Cortina was detained and later questioned by Pinellas Park police detectives. Police said Cortina told them he was only trying to confront his ex-girlfriend about their break up.

This was not the first time Pinellas Park police had confronted Cortina. Police said they were called to  Gonzalez-Mederos’ workplace on Dec. 8 on a domestic violence call. Police said Cortina had gone to Gonzalez-Mederos’ workplace and caused a disturbance. Police told her how to get a protection order but it is unclear if she was able to follow through on the advice.

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The photo shows Yordan Acosta Cortina.

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