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Hillsborough Sheriff Accuses Man of Murder

Kydel Weldon | Hillsborough Sheriff | Crime

Deputies say they found a woman’s body in the trunk of his car.

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY – Deputies here have charged a man with second degree murder after they found a woman’s body in the trunk of his car.

The dead woman was identified as Tina Ryan, 45, of 6801 Thrasher Drive. Arrested and accused of her murder is Kydel Weldon, 44, of the same address, according to the Hillsborough Sheriff’s Office. The relationship between the two is unclear.

Deputies said they received a call about 6:45 p.m. Tuesday (May 24). A man, who also lives at 6801 Thrasher Drive, had arrived home and saw what appeared to be blood throughout the residence. Deputies said they spoke with the man about his two roommates and went to an area on Columbus Avenue where the three often hung out. Deputies found Weldon, one of the roommates, who had what appeared to be blood on his hands and clothing. Deputies said they found the body of a woman in the trunk of Weldon’s vehicle. An autopsy is being conducted to determine the cause of death.

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The Hillsborough sheriff has accused a man of second degree murder after a woman's body was found in the trunk of his vehicle.
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