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St. Petersburg Looks to Lease Manhattan Casino

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A walk-through is scheduled Friday (Oct. 28). City officials want a restaurant in the location.

ST. PETERSBURG – As the city moves forward with its ongoing investment in south St. Petersburg, the preservation and full use of significant landmarks such as the historic, restored Manhattan Casino are important to the entire community.

During this interim period while the city seeks a restaurant to fill the void left by Sylvia’s closing, the city has the opportunity to use the second floor space. In order to honor the Manhattan Casino’s rich, vibrant history and ensure it remains a lively gathering space, the city of St. Petersburg will soon be accepting private event reservations.

In addition, the city invites developers, end-users and interested parties to submit a plan to lease and operate a restaurant and event venue or catering business at the Manhattan Casino, located at 642 22nd Street South. The real estate department will consider reasonable supporting uses or alternatives uses for retail use under a lease agreement with the city.

The 1.34-acre site, 642 22nd St. S, features more than 15,000 square feet and 70 parking spaces. The two-story main building contains approximately 12,000 square feet, including 6,000 square feet on the first floor, consisting of a built-out restaurant. The second floor consists of about 5,700 square feet including a completely renovated event space with staging kitchen and bar, as well as additional storage. Adjacent to the main building, a 3,600-square foot ancillary building provides the entrance to the second floor and also houses elevator service and stairs, second floor restrooms, and additional office/storage space.

A walk-through of the premises will be held 10 a.m. Friday (Oct. 28). All prospective lessees are invited to attend.

Additional information and copies of the RFP are available online at under “Requests for Proposal / Solicitations.” The deadline to submit a proposal to lease and operate the historic facility, restaurant, event, catering space is 1 p.m. Nov. 21. Proposals must be submitted to: City of St. Petersburg, Real Estate and Property Management, Municipal Services Center, Ninth Floor, One Fourth S. N, St. Petersburg, Florida 33701.

For information on the Manhattan Casino Request for Proposal, contact David Dickerson, Real Estate & Property Management, (727) 893-7187. If interested in renting the facility for an event, contact Lauren Kleinfeld at (727) 892-5708 or

For information about the Manhattan Casino, go to

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St. Petersburg Looks to Lease Manhattan Casino
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St. Petersburg Looks to Lease Manhattan Casino
A walk-through is scheduled Friday (Oct. 28). City officials want a restaurant in the location.
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