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Sidewalk Improvements Planned for Part of Keene Road

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Property owners will have to remove landscaping, signs, irrigation, etc. that are located in the right of way by Dec. 15.

PINELLAS – Pinellas County’s Capital Improvement Program will be starting ADA ramp and sidewalk improvements along CR 1/Keene Rd. between Main Street (SR 580) to Curlew Road (SR 586) in the next few months.

Construction of these proposed improvements are estimated to start in late 2015 or early 2016. It is anticipated that the project will take six to nine months. The county intends to maintain traffic flow in all directions during the project. For short periods of time and with advance notice, side streets may be restricted to one lane. There may be temporary disruptions at individual sidewalks, driveways and occasional restriction of traffic flow. The county’s contractor will coordinate with each property owner in advance of impacting driveway access.

Any private amenities in the right of way, including landscaping, signs, irrigation, etc., including private facilities installed through an approved permit, need to be removed by Dec. If not removed, the contractor may remove and dispose of these privately owned amenities. Mailboxes do not require removal. Any necessary relocation of mailboxes will be done by the contractor.

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