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Kenneth City Rebirth Well Underway

Kenneth City Sign | Kenneth City | 54th Avenue N
Town Manager Matt Campbell says major strides have been made in the rejuvenation and beautification of Kenneth City. More updates are to come.
TB Reporter is pleased to have Mr. Campbell as a guest columnist.


KENNETH CITY – Over the past two years, the town of Kenneth City has experienced tremendous revitalization and rebirth as a desirable, thriving community in the Tampa Bay area.
Following the passage of a 2013 charter modification from a strong mayor to a council-manager form of government, the town hired its first manager since becoming incorporated in 1957. In the two short years following the March 2014 recruitment of a town manager , the town has undergone significant reorganization, and is continually striving to bolster its identity and gain well deserved recognition among the 23 other municipalities in Pinellas County.
Updates have been extensive, and span the gamut from townwide beautification and infrastructure improvements, to extensive internal administrative processes and personnel reorganization. Visible examples include newly constructed medians and decorative LED streetlights on 54th Avenue, several public art projects (a mural, ‘free libraries’, and the town’s first artistic bike rack), development of a town brand/slogan of “A Safe, Friendly Small Town,”conversion of existing streetlights to environmentally efficient LED lighting, the elimination of red light cameras, and successful economic development efforts resulting in the attraction of several new businesses.
Kenneth City Town Manager | Matt Campbell | Matthew Campbell
Matt Campbell
Lake Thomas | Kenneth City
The shoreline of Lake Thomas in Kenneth City.
Joe's Creek | Neighborhood Connector | Kenneth City
Joe’s Creek Neighborhood connector in Kenneth City.
Administrative successes have included much-needed policy development,wage, classification, and benefit surveys and/or adjustments for town employees consistent with area labor markets, and the attraction and retention of a higher quality,skilled labor force. Near future projects include completion of a townwide bicycle and pedestrian master plan, widened sidewalks and decorative lighting, renovations to town buildings and park facilities, LED informative signage, and the construction of additional town facilities that, upon completion, will provide an element of financial return on the initial investment to enable moreresources to be provided, albeit for less net funding.
We invite you to experience the newly branded, thriving Kenneth City community – a place that one can call home, yet still be 20 minutes from everything Tampa Bay has to offer.
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Photos courtesy of the town of Kenneth City.


Kenneth City | Matt Campbell | Town Manager | TB Reporter

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Kenneth City Rebirth Well Underway
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Kenneth City Rebirth Well Underway
Town Manager Matt Campbell says major strides have been made in the rejuvenation and beautification of Kenneth City. More u[dates are to come.
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