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New Dessert Spot Open Near Downtown St. Pete

By JON WILSON, Consulting Editor, TB Reporter

(swah-rey) — yup, that’s how you spell it, like in the dictionary pronunciation guide — is the new sweet spot on Central Avenue.

ST. PETERSBURG — “Eat your heart out,” says the website of the new dessert haven at 2105 Central Ave. in the midst of the Grand Central Business District.

(swah-rey) has a distinctive local flavor. Every dessert it offers is handmade on site. Its website says the beer and wine selections come from local vendors and microbreweries. It uses the La Cimbali M100 espresso maker.

The dessert oasis is open every day but Monday. It will regularly open its kitchen to a guest baker, either a restaurant’s expert or a home professional. And for each baker, (swah-rey) will be host to a meet-the-guest-baker night. You can find the menu at other information at

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