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Looking Ahead: Bird and Photo Fest Coming April 26-30

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By TB Reporter

The event at Ponte Vedra Beach features workshops, seminars, outdoors experiences, speakers and more.

The 15th annual Florida Bird and Photo Fest is open to neophytes and seasoned birders and photographers alike April 26-30 at Ponte Vedra Beach in northeast Florida. Registration fee is $25. Classes and field workshops are priced individually. Details are at AuthenticFlorida readers will have the registration fee waived; for information, visit

Outroos activities include strolls through the Washington Oaks Garden State Park, the River to Sea Preserve and the Guano Tolomato Matanzas for birding and nature walks; kayak eco tours through area rivers, lakes, marshes and tidal creeks; motorized boat excursions at sunrise or sunset; or visits to the St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park to view nesting birds in a busy rookery.

Keynote speaker and photographer Lewis Kemper will present a multimedia adventure through the images he has captured while photographing the Sacramento River. Kemper brings to life the river and some of its inhabitants including river otters, great blue herons, green herons and much more. International photographer and opening reception speaker Bobbi Lane also shares her tips for lighting, angles and lenses from her travels abroad to Ethiopia, Myanmar, Venice, Turkey, and Hong Kong.

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