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Truck Crashes into Pinellas Park Kentucky Fried Chicken

KFC Crash | PInellas Park Police | Traffic

An investigation concluded that the brakes failed because of a mechanical malfunction, the Pinellas Park Police Department said.

PINELLAS PARK – A box truck crashed into a Kentucky Fried Chicken when a mechanical malfunction caused the brakes to fail, the Pinellas Park Police Department said.

The truck’s driver, Edward Reyes-Garcia, 26, of Orlando, will not be charged with any traffic violations because the crash was caused by a mechanical failure. Neither Reyes-Garcia nor his passenger were injured in the crash.

Three people were sent to a local hospital with minor injuries. One of those, Gary Briggs Jr., 45, of St. Petersburg, was driving a pickup truck that the box truck also hit. The other two, Ann Lazarski, 65, and Edmund Lazarski, 76,both of St. Petersburg, were eating lunch in the restaurant at the time of the crash.

The crash happened about 1:17 p.m. Thursday (April 5) at the intersection of Park Boulevard and 66th Street N in Pinellas Park.

Reyes-Garcia was driving a 2004 box truck south on in the 7600 block of 66th Street N when the brakes failed. Seeing stopped traffic in front of him, police said Reyes-Garcia tried to maneuver the box truck over the median into the northbound lanes of 66th Street where there was less traffic. The box truck jumped the median and ended up hitting 2012 GMC pickup truck driven by Briggs, which was headed north on 66th.

The box truck continued into the parking lot of the KFC at 6595 Park Blvd. and crashed into the west wall of the restaurant.

Police said they inspected the box truck’s brake system and found a malfunction of a small pin at the back of the brake pedal that caused the truck’s brakes to fail. The cause of the crash was determined to be a mechanical failure.

Pinellas Park building inspectors determined that the damage to the building did not compromise the structural integrity. The KFC damaged area was secured and the restaurant will continue to operate until such time as it closes for repairs.

Photo courtesy of the Pinellas Park Police Department.

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