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Kriseman Slams Baker for ‘Silence’ on Trump Agenda

Rick Kriseman | St. Petersburg Mayor | St. Petersburg Politics

Mayor Rick Kriseman blasted former Mayor Rick Baker for failing to say or do anything to show he rejects President Donald Trump’s agenda.

ST. PETERSBURG – Mayor Rick Kriseman condemned former Mayor Rick Baker for his his silence in the face of statements and actions by the administration of President Donald Trump.

“When it comes to planning for climate change, standing up for equal opportunity, and treating all people with respect we know that we can count on Rick Baker to say nothing and do nothing,” Kriseman said.

The St Petersburg mayor’s race is non-partisan. However, Baker, a conservative Republican, and Kriseman, a progressive Democrat, have been sharply divided along  party and philosophical lines throughout the campaign. This mornuing (Aug. 4), Kriseman sent out a statement that played on those differences. The release is titled “Day 778 of Baker’s Cowardly Silence” and subtitled “Rick Baker Silent on Trump’s Hateful Agenda… Over and Over and Over…”

Here is the statement:

“Donald Trump ran one of the most hate filled campaigns in recent memory, attacking women, immigrants, people with disabilities and minorities.

“Not once during the two years of Donald Trump’s campaign and administration has Rick Baker done anything or said anything to indicate that he disagrees with or rejects the Trump agenda of hate, fear, racism and intolerance. …

“Kriseman has continued to speak up and stand up to the backward policies of the Trump administration. With Kriseman’s vocal opposition, the citizens of St. Pete have a clear signal that hate and discrimination will not be tolerated in Florida’s Sunshine City. From being the first mayor to march in the Pride Parade to declaring that Trump is not welcome in St. Pete after the anti-immigrant travel ban, Mayor Rick Kriseman has made his intentions clear.

“Rick Baker has been silent on Trump’s hateful and right-wing actions since the beginning of Trump’s bid for the White House. Worse, Conservative Baker has continued to maintain his silence, even after:

  1. “Trump announced his ban on immigrants and refugees from Muslim countries. Baker: silent.
  2. “Trump repeatedly made derogatory and inappropriate comments about women. Baker: silent.
  3. “Trump’s administration removes all LGBT content from White House website on first day in office. Baker: silent.
  4. “Trump pulled out of the Paris climate accord. Baker: silent.
  5. “Trump declared that the military will no longer accept transgender service members. Baker: silent.
  6. “Trump’s DOJ reversed discrimination protection on LGBT American’s in the workplace. Baker: silent.
  7. “Trump Signs executive order expanding offshore drilling. Baker: silent.
  8. “Trump said he will build a wall on the Mexican border. Baker: silent.
  9. “Trump scraps President Obama’s clean power plan, putting our environment at risk. Baker: silent.
  10. “Trump pushed to repeal Obamacare, potentially stripping thousands of people in St. Pete of their healthcare. Baker: silent.
  11. “Trump called the media the “enemy of the American people.” Baker: silent.
  12. TUESDAY: Trump jokes about police brutality. Baker: silent.
  13. “YESTERDAY: Trump supports a plan to cut legal immigration in half. Baker: silent.

“How much longer will Rick Baker remain silent while Donald Trump continues to inspire hatred, divide us, and insult the values of the citizens of St. Pete?”

Kriseman and Baker are two of six candidates running for mayor. The others are Jesse Nevel, Paul Congemi, Anthony Cates, and Theresa Lassiter.

The primary is Aug. 29. If no candidate gets at least 50 percent plus one vote, the two top votegetters will move on to the general election on Nov. 7. The St. Petersburg mayor serves four years and earns $180,895 a year.

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