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Gualtieri Endorses Bilirakis

Gus Bilirakis | Bob Gualtieri | Politics

Gus Bilirakis is running for reelection to the District 12 seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.

NEW PORT RICHEY – Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri has endorsed Gus Bilirakis in his reelection bid for the District 12 seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.

“We are lucky to have such a strong advocate for law enforcement in Gus Bilirakis,” Gualtieri said. “There’s no shortage of politicians who will pose for pictures and talk tough on crime. Gus actually puts in the work and fights tirelessly to make our borders more secure, and make sure we have the tools we need to increase safety in our schools and neighborhoods. Without hesitation, I am proud to endorse our Congressman, Gus Bilirakis.”  

Bilirakis said, “Sheriff Gualtieri has dedicated his life to public safety and Pinellas County is blessed to have his strong leadership and passionate advocacy. I greatly appreciate his support and look forward to continuing our work to eliminate so-called ‘sanctuary cities,’ secure our borders and make sure we don’t lose track of those who are here illegally. I also am committed to continuing our work to make sure we have the resources to make our schools and neighborhoods as safe as we possibly can.”  

Bilirakis serves on the Energy and Commerce Committee and is vice-chair of the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs.

Bilirakis has said he works in a bipartisan manner to control federal spending, create jobs for middle class Americans, lower taxes, and seeks ways to make government smaller and more efficient. He remains committed to strengthening homeland security, improving education, increasing access to quality health care, protecting veterans’ benefits, and ensuring the long-term viability of Social Security and Medicare.

Bilirakis and his wife, Eva, have raised their four boys, Michael, Teddy, Manuel and Nicholas in the district.

Bilirakis, a Republican, is running for reelection to the District 12 seat in the U.S. House. District 12 includes all of Pasco County and parts of northern Pinellas and Hillsborough counties.

He is facing a challenge from Democrat Chris Hunter and no-party candidate Angelika Purkis in the Nov. 6 general election. The last day to register to vote in the general election is Oct. 9.

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Photo shows Gus Bilirakis, left, and Bob Gualtieri.

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