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Ed Montanari, St. Pete Council Chair, Suffers Heart Attack

Ed Montanari | Politics | St Petersburg city council

He is recovering at home.

ST. PETERSBURG – Ed Montanari, the chair of the St. Petersburg City Council, suffered a heart attack over Memorial Day weekend.

Montanari experienced chest pains while at home Saturday (May 23). He was hospitalized at St. Anthony’s Hospital in St. Petersburg and diagnosed with myocardial infarction.

He was taken to the cardiac catherization laboratory where the doctor discovered an artery blockage and inserted a stent. All other arteries were normal. He was released and returned home Monday (May 25). This was not a Covid-19 coronavirus-related event.

“Thank you to all the doctors and nurses at St. Anthony’s for taking great care of me and saving my life,” Montanari said. “You have a great team of professionals at St. Anthony’s and I will forever be grateful for your competent, kind, and compassionate treatment. God bless all the good people that work at St. Anthony’s Hospital.”

After taking a few days off, Montanari plans to resume his normal work schedule Thursday (May 28).

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