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New St. Pete Pier Moves Ahead a Step


By JON WILSON, Consulting Editor, TB Reporter

An architectural and engineering contract was approved Thursday.

ST. PETERSBURG — The City Council Thursday approved the architect and engineering contract with W Architecture and Landscape Architecture for the Pier approach. This enables the initial design for the next phase of the Pier renovation to begin. The Pier approach will connect downtown to the pier with an active, connected and coordinated sequence of facilities and venues, city officials say.

The Pier approach project is adjacent to the new Pier project limits. The downtown core (Beach Drive) is the project’s western boundary.

The initial phase of the contract has $318,030 allocated for design services. The entire budget for the Pier approach is $20-million. The downtown tax district is footing the bill.

W Architecture and Landscape Architecture in partnership with Wannemacher  Jensen was selected in October 2015 to provide design and construction oversight services. Integrating the Pier and the approach designs into a seamless and functional single project (the Pier  District) is a major goal.

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