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Hillsborough to Open Isolation, Quarantine Sites

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The sites will allow the isolation of residents who have tested positive for coronavirus or quarantine of those exposed to it.

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY – Joining communities across the nation, Hillsborough County will open quarantine and isolation sites to house residents and family members impacted by the COVID-19 coronavirus.

The sites will allow the isolation of residents who have tested positive for coronavirus or the quarantine of those exposed to it. The sites will open at 10 a.m. Thursday (April 2).

The sites will help prevent further spread of the virus by providing shelter, food, telemedicine options, and basic services such as laundry and sanitation for residents who are able to care for themselves but unable to stay in their own home.

The sites – two adjacent hotels on E Fowler Avenue in Tampa with a total of 362 rooms – will be managed by Hillsborough County and the Department of Health in Hillsborough County. By stepping up to assist
the community and leasing these facilities to Hillsborough County, 111 jobs have been preserved.

Residents eligible to use the sites must first be pre-screened by the Hillsborough Health Department. Those housed at the sites could include single individuals or family members like a spouse and child. Hillsborough County has signed a six-month lease with both hotels to serve as quarantine and isolation sites. The length of time the facilities will stay open and whether additional sites will be opened will be determined by local conditions. The length of time individuals will stay in the quarantine or isolation sites will be determined by the Department of Health and each person’s specific needs.

The two sites are the Quality Inn and Conference Center, 2701 E Fowler Ave. in Tampa, and West Wing Hotel, 2501 E Fowler Ave. The sole entrance for those using the sites will be the Quality Inn, 2701 E Fowler Ave.

When the quarantine and isolation sites are no longer needed, both hotels will undergo medical-grade cleaning and sanitation.

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