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11 Arrested at Gasparilla

Gaspaarilla | Tampa Police | Arrests

A police officer suffered minor injuries during one incident. Tampa police said there were no major incidents. 

TAMPA – Preliminary figures show that, for the most part, Saturday’s (Jan. 26) Gasparilla festival was a peaceful event.

“The vast majority of people at the parade were well behaved and had a great time,” Tampa police Chief Brian Dugan said. “Once again the city put on a great show. A lot of people work hard to make this a safe and fun event. I think the parade goers really appreciate that.”

The Tampa Police Department reports 11 arrests, including five felonies and six misdemeanors. In addition, Tampa Fire Rescue reports 38 medical transports, most of them for minor injuries or alcohol related. There were no major incidents. All numbers are preliminary.

The arrests include

  • Two arrests for battery on a law enforcement officer. Both arrests were related to an incident in which Tampa police officers were asked to intervene after a man refused to leave a location. The man struck an officer and as the man was being arrested, another man struck an officer. An officer was injured, though the injuries do not appear to be serious.
  • Two arrests for felony criminal mischief. Both arrests were related to an incident in which two men stood atop a Tampa police vehicle and damaged it.
  • One arrest for felony battery in a domestic dispute.
  • Three misdemeanors were for disorderly conduct.
  • Two misdemeanors were for underage drinking.
  • One misdemeanor was for obstruction.
Photo is screen capture from Tampa Police Department video.

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