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The Sassy Sandpiper: On the Mend and, Hey – Listen to My Podcast!

Merry's Eyes | M.R. Wilson | Sassy Sandpiper

The Sassy Sandpiper is recuperating from surgery for glaucoma and cataracts. She said, “I’m in a perpetual state of amazement regarding what I can see – with only one ‘good’ eye. And that we have to be in absolute wonderment that this technology exists…along with brilliant healers who know how to use it.”

By M.R. Wilson, Columnist, TB Reporter

Last Thursday’s eye surgery tops the chart in my Lifetime Weirdest Experiences. Lots of lights and colors played across the tiny space in the drapery or shielding or whatever it was covering my face. No pain when the cloudy lens was dissolved and siphoned away or when the new one was slipped in and unfurled. Just some mild pressure.

The procedure to relieve glaucoma was more dramatic, involving the laser annihilation of part of the ciliary body that produces aqueous fluid.

And it hurt. I happen to be resistant to pain medication and “sedation.” I complained and got more of the anesthesiologist’s “special sauce.” Twice. It still hurt. And a blood vessel got roughed up in the process; I look like I got into a fistfight.

Well, stuff happens.

Good news is: Even the night of the surgery, I could see almost clearly through the little holes in my eye shield. The pupil was still hugely dilated. Think Abu Temple statue.  I took the right lens out of my glasses and can see enough with the progressive (bifocal without the line) left lens and my “good” eye to read and write a little. My right eye tires quickly. Post-op care requires protective eyewear, limits activity, and demands three cleansing drops be administered diligently four times a day.

It’s all worth it.

Another piece of good news is that TODAY (July 2), my Freestyle Your Life podcast airs. Life coach Erneste Carla Zimmerman coaxed me into it.

I hope you’ll tune in.

Sassy Sandpiper | M.R. Wilson | Podcast

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