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Pedestrian Dies in Pinellas Park

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Police say the man, who was lying in the road when hit, might have tried to kill himself earlier in the evening.

PINELLAS PARK – A man died late Tuesday (Jan. 5) night when he was hit by a car while he was lying in the road.

The man’s name is being withheld until relatives are notified of his death.

Pinellas Park police say the incident happened about 11:25 a.m. in the 5500 block of 62nd Avenue N. The crash involved a 2015 Nissan being driven by Ronald David Smith of St. Petersburg, and a male pedestrian.

The dead man was found to have sustained what appear to be self-inflicted lacerations to both his wrists that had been bleeding for some time, police say.  Investigators were able to follow a  blood trail back to the man’s residence, which is in the unincorporated county.  The front door was found open at the residence and blood was found inside the apartment.  Police say they believe that the man tried to kill himself in the apartment by cutting his wrists. Police say they have two scenarios: In the first, the man left his apartment to either get medical help at a nearby hospital and accidentally fell into the road. Or he intentionally laid down in the roadway looking to end his life.

Once in the road, the Nissan hit him where he was lying in the eastbound lane of 62nd. After hitting the man, the driver and his passenger stayed at the scene, police say. The driver and passenger both said they never saw the man who was lying in the road as he was wearing dark clothing.

Police say the dead man had a history of medical issues. No suicide note was located, a note the dead man had written to a friend was found at his home. The note indicated that man’s residence was in the process of being auctioned off this month and that he was not going to live out on the streets as a result of this action.

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