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Seminole Named a ‘Purple Heart City’

Purple Heart City | Seminole | Veterans

Seminole Mayor Leslie Waters said the city has worked for two years to gain the distinction.

SEMINOLE – This city officially gained the designation “Purple Heart City” during a City Council meeting this past week.

“We are all so excited and proud, Waters said. The distinction, she said, is especially meaningful because Seminole borders the Bay Pines VA Health Care System.

The Purple Heart is awarded in the name of the president to those wounded or killed while serving. Introduced as the “Badge of Military Merit” by Gen. George Washington in 1782, the Purple Heart is also the nation’s oldest military award. In military terms, the award had “broken service,” as it was ignored for nearly 150 years until it was re-introduced Feb. 22, 1932, on the 200th anniversary of George Washington’s birth, according to the Veterans Administration. Its inscription reads: “For military merit.”

Waters made a short speech in accepting the designation at Tuesday’s (March 28) council meeting. Her comments:

Leslie Waters | Seminole | Mayor
Leslie Waters

“Just 2 years ago, almost to the day (March 24, 2015), this council passed a resolution implementing the city’s Red, White and Blue initiative which expressed a goal to have the city of Seminole lead the way with on-going recognition and appreciation to the men and women in uniform, to veterans, and to those who gave their all for our country.

“And that we certainly have in many ways with the city taking the lead …:

“Adding a new employee custom of presenting to each new employee a flag lapel pin, to assuring there are lighted flag poles on all appropriate city properties

“Adding a tab to the City’s homepage sharing information on the U.S. Flag Code, a Power Point on Flag Etiquette, and a Flag Quiz

“Displaying soon to be fresh new red-white-blue banners to be placed on city light poles

“Assuring there is always a military presence in our parades, and setting up occasional displays at the Library and the Recreation Center, and ceremonies at City Park; to the 2016 Budget Cover that displayed the Kiwanis Breakfast Club spectacular field of flags displayed in front of City Hall …

“Initiating a specialized Home Town Patriot Proclamation.

“These are just a few ways that our City shows appreciation for our veterans and active military.

“As mayor it had been my goal for two years to work toward this day to be designated a ‘Purple Heart City,’ when, as a city, we could officially recognize and honor our military injured in war, and to posthumously recognize the families of the fallen.

“At a later time, the City can plan something special to commemorate our new ‘Purple Heart City’ designation. Perhaps on or around (Monday), Aug. 7, 2017, which is the annual National Purple Heart Day, or when our future exhibition of military flags is displayed at Water Front Park.”

For information about the city of Seminole and its red, white and blue initiative, go to

Photos courtesy of the city of Seminole.

Seminole | Purple Heart City | Red White and Blue | Leslie Waters | Veterans | TB Reporter

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Seminole Named a 'Purple Heart City'
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Seminole Named a 'Purple Heart City'
Seminole Mayor Leslie Waters said the city has worked for two years to gain the distinction.
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TB Reporter
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