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Pasco Commission Approves $300,000 for Stormwater Improvements

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The money is being used for improvements to the stormwater system affected by flooding earlier this year.

PASCO COUNTY – Work is underway on improvements to the county’s stormwater system after Pasco commissioners approved spending $300,000 to upgrade the stormwater infrastructure.

The Dec. 1 funding approval extends a contract with WLW Construction to continue drainage maintenance work throughout Pasco County. The contractor will be directed to work on specific projects by the county’s public works department, starting with the Oak Ridge Canal at Seven Springs Boulevard. This work is underway.

Work will include drainage improvements in the following watersheds: Bear Creek, Pithlachascotee, Cypress Creek, Double Hammock, Duck Lake,  Duck Slough, Lower Coastal, Pinellas-Anclote (east), Pinellas-Anclote (west), and Port Richey which experienced heavy flooding during the July/August 2015 flooding event. The work is expected to continue for the next 180 days.

Since 2007, the public works department has spent more than $6.3 million dollars with contractors to restore 130 miles of ditches and canals that had deteriorated because of a lack of maintenance.  Once restored, these water conveyance systems are then added to the county’s maintenance lists.  Later this year, ditch maintenance work will be transitioned to an internal public works crew to improve the cost effectiveness of restoring these waterways.

Pasco County public works will continue to hold public workshops with neighborhoods affected by the severe flooding to identify and prioritize improvements to the stormwater infrastructure countywide.

For information about the flooding, go to

For videos showing work being done downstream from Trinity Oaks and Thousand Oaks subdivisions which flooded during the 2015 flood event, go to, and (These are three separate links.)

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