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Law Group Restores Temple Terrace Landmark

Temple Terrace Landmark | Bullock Law Group | Architecture

The building, built in the 1920s, was one of the first eight homes in Temple Terrace.

TEMPLE TERRACE – A law firm has restored a local landmark and one of the first eight homes built in the city of Temple Terrace.

In the 1920s, Temple Terrace promoted the city by using postcards depicting the original home estates and Country Club. The home was originally owned by Charles Dickson who served as the secretary and treasurer of Temple Terraces, Inc. in 1923. But later, the 1920s Mediterranean Revival-style house at 306 Bullard Parkway was neglected and damaged by termites and water. In May 2011, attorney David Bulluck and his wife, Kristi, bought the 2,300 square foot house, which includes a second building converted from the original garage. Bulluck said It was a passion to restore the house.

“The house I grew up in was less than a mile from this house,” he said. “I always liked it as a kid growing up. When it became available, I saw the opportunity to restore and re-purpose the house for a different use that would also preserve the history of the city for its residents.”

The Bullucks spent the past few years renovating the house. They rebuilt the foundation and the walls, put on a new roof, built new exterior walls, relocated some of the interior walls, stabilized the foundation and put in new flooring.

During renovations, the only known original blueprint drawing was discovered between two rafters in the attic of the main home. The blueprints showed the house was designed by architect, M. Leo Elliott. Elliott is known for designing prominent structures such as Centro Asturiano de Tampa in Ybor City, the original Tampa City Hall, and the Temple Terrace Golf and Country Club clubhouse that is now part of Florida College.

“We are so happy to see this home has been preserved. This landmark, now the Bulluck Legal Center is a focal point in our community,” Temple Terrace Mayor Frank Chillura said.

For information, David Bulluck at or call (813) 988-7800, or go to

Photo of 1920s postcard showing the house courtesy of the Bulluck Law Group.

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Law Group Restores Temple Terrace Landmark
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Law Group Restores Temple Terrace Landmark
The building, built in the 1920s, was one of the first eight homes in Temple Terrace.
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TB Reporter
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