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Juvenile Welfare Board to Host Faith-Based Event

Juvenile Welfare Board | Children | Families

The symposium is designed to educate first-responders about families in trouble and related issues.

LARGO – Family Oriented Concept Unified to Serve, better known as FOCUS, is launching its second annual faith-based symposium designed specifically to better educate first responders to families in crisis, the faith-based community, the services, programs, and networks that could increase their positive impact on the community. Last year’s symposium attracted nearly 200 faith-based leaders and social service providers and it was about “breaking down the walls” that undermine the collective impact in high-need communities. With the division caused by silos and egos being addressed, this year’s symposium is all about building and strengthening neighborhoods across systems of care. It is about how powerful and effective collaborations can be when the faith-based community is informed and joins hands with law enforcement, mental health, and child welfare systems as well as the business community to assist struggling families and individuals. It speaks to how neighborhoods, once neglected, can thrive when the faith-based community and government partner to make a difference for those who are hurting, forgotten, or lost. This symposium will speak to those issues and more with the Juvenile Welfare Board serving as a facilitator through its faith-based initiative.

Workshops will focus on how to revitalize communities through capacity building and skill development for optimal community change. In the area of Capacity Building, workshop topics will address how to move from a social action ministry to recruit and retain volunteers through the use of technology, and increase knowledge of community resources to provide greater support to the efforts of the faith-based leadership. Information and resources to address substance abuse and homelessness will be shared along with trauma, and the power of healing and forgiveness.  The event is scheduled for 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday (Feb. 21) at Pathways Community Church, 801 Seminole Blvd., Largo. Registration is $25. For information, or to register, contact Debbie Bremer,, or go to

Juvenile Welfare Board | Pinellas County | Children | Families

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