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Pinellas Sheriff Crackdown on Bike Traffic Safety Starts Today

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The stepped up enforcement is funded by a state grant designed to educate about and enforce traffic rules to improve safety for bicyclists and pedestrians. Fifteen “hot spots” are targeted for enforcement.

PINELLAS COUNTY – Since mid-December, Pinellas County deputies have handed out 479 warnings and citations to bicyclists, walkers and drivers as part of an educational program designed to promote bicyclist and pedestrian safety.

Starting today (March 15), deputies will step up enforcement as the second phase in the program. They’ll be handing out more tickets for violating bike and traffic safety laws. They’ll be concentrating on 15 “hot spots” in Pinellas.

It’s all part of a program designed to reduce traffic crashes and fatalities involving pedestrians and bicyclists. The program is funded by a $14,155 grant from the Florida Department of Transportation. The program will run through May 26. For information on the overall program, see For information on the results of the educational phase, see

The way it works is this: Special details will be assigned two deputies, will be conducted three times per week in four hour segments; and will frequent each of the 15 designated “hot spot” locations on multiple occasions. Those “hot spots”:

Tampa Rd (Lake St George Dr. / East Lake Woodlands Pkwy)
Alderman Road (Belcher to Cinnamon Hill Boulevard)
US Highway 19 (Tampa Road to CR 95)
Curlew Road (Belcher to CR 90/Northridge Drive)
Main Street/SR 580 (Belcher Road to Lake Haven Road)
Ulmerton Road (Belcher Road to 58th Street North)
49th Street (126th Avenue North to 145th Avenue North)
66th Street North (46th Avenue North to 62nd Avenue North)
54th Avenue (37th Street North to Haines Road)
Park Boulevard (104th Lane to Ridge Road)
Pasadena Avenue (Gulfport Boulevard South to Gulf Boulevard)
Gulf Boulevard (75th Avenue to 37th Avenue)
Gulf Boulevard (129th Avenue West to 131st Avenue West)
Gulf Boulevard (150th Avenue to 155th Avenue)
Gulf Boulevard (155th Avenue to 173rd Avenue)

Results of the educational phase:

Pedestrian Warnings   285
Pedestrian Citations    1
Motorist Warnings      128
Motorist Citations       8
Bicycle Warnings        57

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