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Pinellas Clerk of Court Warns of Deed Scam

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The scam primarily targets new homeowners.

PINELLAS COUNTY – Scams have a way of resurfacing every so often and deed scams are currently in the spotlight in Pinellas County, according to Pinellas County Clerk of Court Ken Burke.

“Unfortunately, it seems to rear its ugly head every few years,” Burke said.

Pinellas County residents have once again started receiving official-looking letters emphasizing the importance of keeping a certified copy of their property deeds.  However, this seemingly informative letter that primarily targets new home owners comes with the hefty price tag of $89. The catch is simple – it’s a solicitation scam.

Most residents with a one-page deed can easily obtain the same document from the clerk’s office for $3, Burke said. It’s $1 for the copy and $2 for the certification fee. Residents can also print an unofficial copy of their deed for free by using the clerk’s website in just a matter of minutes.

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Ken Burke

The companies sending out these letters disclose in fine print that they are not affiliated with any state agency and that many records are available for nominal fees from government agencies.  When asked why anyone would pay $89 for a copy of the deed, Burke ssaid, “It’s a rip off.”

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Pinellas Clerk of Court Warns of Deed Scam
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Pinellas Clerk of Court Warns of Deed Scam
The scam primarily targets new homeowners.
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