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Pinellas Ambulance Plan Enrollment Is Open

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The plan helps cover the costs of using an ambulance.

PINELLAS COUNTY – Applications are now being accepted for enrollment in the Sunstar FirstCare ambulance membership plan. The ambulance membership plan is a Pinellas County government program that works with insurance companies to cover expenses associated with ambulance transportation. The plan covers out of pocket costs such as co-payments or deductibles not paid for by insurance. Members enrolled in the program without insurance receive a 20 percent discount on ambulance charges. The plan only covers medically necessary transports in Pinellas County by Sunstar ambulance units. Plans cost $61.35 for individuals and $95.43 for families. Applications are accepted throughout the year. Completed and signed applications with full payment are effective on the postmark date.

For information, call (727) 582-2008. Applications may be downloaded from Members renewing their plans have until April 1 to avoid interruption of coverage.

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