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Hernando Deputy Saves Life of 4 Year Old

Deputy Christopher Downey | Hernando Sheriff | Public Safety

The child, a pupil at the elementary school where the deputy is assigned, was choking.

BROOKSVILLE – A school resource deputy saved the life of a pre-kindergarten pupil who was choking, the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office said.

The incident happened Tuesday (Sept. 17) morning while students were finishing breakfast in the cafeteria at Eastside Elementary School in Brooksville.

School Resource Deputy Christopher Downey said he saw a pre-kindergarten teacher running toward him, with a child in her arms. The child, a 4-year-old pre-kindergarten pupil at Eastside, was choking and needed help.

The child, who was trying to clear something from his throat, did not appear to be breathing and was not making any sounds.

In an effort to dislodge the obstruction, Downy first hit the child five times on the back, but that did not work. Downey then tried abdominal thrusts to the child.

Downy could hear the child making a high pitched sound.  The pupil was able to clear a large piece of cake or bread.

The pupil, who is non-verbal, responded to Downy and school staff by making loud noises, indicating his airway was clear.

The boy was taken to the school clinic to be checked by the school nurse who said he was fine and called the child’s parents to tell them what happened.

The pupil returned to class after the incident.

Photo courtesy of the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office.

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