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Four Running for South Pasadena Commission

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The election is March 13.

SOUTH PASADENA – Two former council members are challenging two incumbents for seats on the South Pasadena City Commission.

Dan Calabria, a former South Pasadena mayor, and former council member Arthur Penny have qualified to run against incumbents Lari Johnson and Gail M. Neidinger. Johnson, who is the current vice mayor, oversees the city’s community improvements department. Neidinger is responsible for the public safety department.

South Pasadena is about 0.6 square mile. It is located on the southwest side of Pinellas County and is bounded by St. Petersburg, Gulfport, and St. Pete Beach, as well as unincorporated Pinellas. It has about 5,000 residents.

South Pasadena is governed by a five-member commission made up of a mayor and four commissioners who are elected at large in a non-partisan election.  The commission is responsible for adopting ordinances and establishing policy, implementing programs and services to meet identified needs and for adopting an annual budget. The mayor is responsible for the administrative services of the city, presides over comission meetings and is the official representative of the city.  Each council member is in charge of a different city department.

Commissioners meet twice a month. Once in an agenda meeting and again in a regular council meeting. Council members serve three-year terms and are paid about $7,600 a year. The election is March 13. The two top votegetters will take office.

Arthur Penny | South Pasadena | Politics
Arthur Penny
Dan Calabria | South Pasadena | Politics
Dan Calabria
Gail Neidinger | South Pasadena | Politics
Gail Neidinger
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Lari Johnson








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Four Running for South Pasadena Commission
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Four Running for South Pasadena Commission
The election is March 13. The two top votegetters will take office.
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