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Quinn Endorses Matthews, Edelman

Jim Quinn | Roger Edelman | Bob Matthews


Bob Matthews and Roger Edelman are running for reelection to the Seminole City Council.

SEMINOLE – Council member Jim Quinn has endorsed Bob Matthews and Roger Edelman for the two open seats on the Seminole City Council.

“The city is running very well, like a well oiled machine,” Quinn said. “Bob and Roger are part of that team.”

Quinn has served on the council since 2010. The council, he said, is a good mix of people who all have different strengths. Edelman and Matthews contribute to a mix that has resulted in low city taxes and residents who appear to be satisfied with the way things are going.

“Very rarely do we hear any complaints,” Quinn said. “I don’t see disgruntled residents.”

Edelman and Matthews are facing challenges from political newcomer Joseph E. Pacelli, who is making his first run at the council, and Tom Christy, who is making his eighth run for a council seat.

Quinn said he’s not familiar with Pacelli but sees no reason to gamble on an unknown candidate when there are two proven choices. Christy, he said, does not generally show up at candidate forums so it’s hard to ask him questions to find out where he stands on issues.

The expression, “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush,” comes to mind, Quinn said: “We have two birds already who are doing a good job.”

Edelman, who serves as president of the Seminole Chamber of Commerce, is seeking his second term on the council. Matthews, owner of Seminole Garden Florist & Party Store, has served on the Seminole council since 1990 with the exception of eight months in 2006-07.

Seminole has a council-manager form of government in which a seven-member council, consisting of a mayor and six councilors, set policy while a city manager handles the day-to-day business of the city. The council is not only responsible for setting policy, it is responsible for passing a budget and hiring the city manager and city attorney.

Council members serve three-year terms and are paid $8,200 a year. They meet at least twice a month. The nonpartisan election is voted on citywide. The two top vote-getters will take office. The election is Nov. 7.

Photo shows from left, Jim Quinn, Roger Edelman, Bob Matthews

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Quinn Endorses Matthews, Edelman
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Quinn Endorses Matthews, Edelman
Bob Matthews and Roger Edelman are running for reelection to the Seminole City Council.
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