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Nash Announces Run for Hillsborough Commission

Mark Nash | Hillsborough Commission | Politics

Mark Nash said the Hillsborough County Commission is “paralyzed by political games and fear.”

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY – Community activist and businessman Mark Nash announced he is running for Hillsborough County Commission in District 5.

Nash cited his background as a problem solver in the business world and the lack of leadership from the Commission as his reasons for running.

“I’m running because I’m not afraid to take on the challenges we face,” Nash said. “This race is about bringing people together and finding solutions – I’m the person to get the job done.”

Following the violence of Neo-Nazis and white supremacists in Charlottesville, which resulted in the murder of a protestor and more than a dozen injuries, Hillsborough commissioners changed course for a third time regarding a Confederate monument on county property. Monuments to the Confederacy have become a rallying point for the white nationalist movement around the country.

The actions of the four commissioners was called “a monumental display of cowardice” by the Tampa Bay Times editorial board and was quickly corrected by private investment from the Tampa Chamber and hundreds of individual donors around the region.

“I want to thank Commissioner Miller and Commissioner Kemp for standing up to hatred and the politics of division. I also want to thank all the individuals and groups who showed that we can do good for our community when we work together,” Nash added. “The Tampa Chamber knew that those commissioners hurt our community.”

Nash, a Democrat, is a business consultant who worked across the Southeast in consumer goods and project management. He is a member of the many business and civic groups across the county.

“Employers want to come to a place that’s open to all their employees. Despite the Commission, our leaders have worked to create a great place to grow a business and create jobs, this decision trampled all over that work and set us back,” Nash said. “Hillsborough needs more collaborators who will do what’s right for the county instead of appeasing the radical fringe of their political party. I don’t shy away from tough choices, I think those moments define us.”

The circus around the Confederate monument was just the latest in a series of failings by the Commission to address issues like outdated infrastructure, severe traffic and congestion, flooding during storms, and economic growth, he said.

“This isn’t just about a statue that revives the racist hatred of the past, it’s part of a larger problem. Our Commission is paralyzed by political games and fear,” Nash said. “From job creation and transportation to infrastructure and services, we can’t trust them to tackle minor matters let alone the major issues facing our region. I won’t get distracted by the same politics as usual.”

Nash is running for the District 5 seat held by Ken Hagen, who is terming out of the seat. Hagen has announced he will run for the District 2 seat held by Victor Crist, who is terming out. Crist, in turn, is running for the District 5 seat. Also announced for the District 5 seat are Republicans Timothy Lynn Curtis and Angel S. Urbina Capo, and Democrats Jamela Passmore and Elvis Jamine Piggott.

The election is Nov. 6, 2018.

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Nash Announces Run for Hillsborough Commission
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Nash Announces Run for Hillsborough Commission
Mark Nash said the Hillsborough County Commission is "paralyzed by political games and fear."
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