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Alvarez Proposal Would Make Schools ‘Student Ready’

Mike Alvarez | Florida House | Politics

Mike Alvarez is running for the District 62 seat in the Florida House of Representatives.

TAMPA – Mike Alvarez, a candidate for the Florida House of Representatives, announced plans to legislation in Tallahassee that would invest in schools so students can get to school safely and have a healthy learning space.

“I talk to voters every day about their needs and how I can work for them in Tallahassee. Our state needs drastic changes in many areas, but my number one priority is to give our children a space they can learn that doesn’t threaten their health,” Alvarez said. “Parents shouldn’t have to worry about heat waves and lead poisoning when they send their kids to school.”

Administration officials have pointed out that Tallahassee removed local control to raise funds while cutting capital funding for construction and maintenance by 88 percent at the same time. Those cuts resulted in a series of problems at the start of this school year with some schools unable to reliably count on air conditioning for students while temperatures topped 90 degrees. Schools have been forced to try an expensive patchwork of solutions to get the buildings ready for students.

In addition to air conditioning problems, Hillsborough school also found lead in school water supplies but failed to notify parents in a timely manner. The Trump administration has also moved to relax regulations to keep people safe from asbestos while also limiting the scope of studies to assess its risk. That move has renewed concerns from parents about the toxic material in public school buildings, the Alvarez campaign said.

Parents around the district have also voiced concern about cuts to busing. That decision put working families in a particularly difficult position – risk their children’s safety finding another way to school or risk their employment to take their children on their own. On the campaign trail, Alvarez said he has heard frequently from parents who relied on the service.

“The shortsighted decision to cut these funds has had a huge impact on Hillsborough families. It’s time to fix what Tallahassee Republicans broke,” Alvarez said.

Alvarez is running for the District 62 seat in the Florida House of Representatives. The seat is currently held by Democrat Janet Cruz, who is running for the state Senate. HD 62 covers a portion of Hillsborough County that includes Citrus Park and Egypt Lake-Leto. Also in the Democratic primary for HD 62 are Christopher Carlos Cano and Susan Valdes.

Today (Aug. 25) and tomorrow (Aug. 26) are the final days for early voting in Hillsborough County. The primary itself is Tuesday (Aug. 28).

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Alvarez Proposal Would Make Schools 'Student Ready'
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Alvarez Proposal Would Make Schools 'Student Ready'
Mike Alvarez is running for the District 62 seat in the Florida House of Representatives.
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