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Walsingham Park Closed Today

Walsingham Park | Walsingham Lake | Pinellas County

A fire on Thursday (March 10) affected at least 10 acres of the park.

PINELLAS COUNTY – Walsingham Park has been closed today (March 11) to assess and cleanup after a brush fire. The brush fire was reported around 3:30 p.m. Tbursday (March 10).  There were no injuries from the fire but about 10 acres were affected on the north side of the park, 12615 102nd Ave. N near Seminole.

County workers will spend today monitoring hot spots and cleaning up. Pinellas officials said smoke might be visible for part of the day. Officials expect an update later today.

Walsingham Park is located on about 354 acres about a quarter of a mile west of the Pinellas Trail. About 700,000 people visit the park each year to enjoy the 100-acre Walsingham Lake,  hike, picnic, cycle and fish.

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Photo of Walsingham Park courtesy of Pinellas County.

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Walsingham Park Closed Today
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Walsingham Park Closed Today
Pinellas County officials have closed the park today to assess the effects of a Thursday (March 10) brush fire that affected about 10 acres on the northern side of the property.
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TB Reporter
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