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The Sassy Sandpiper: Calling All Hemingway Heroes

Wilson | Sassy Sandpiper | Columnist

Imagine your life as a movie – starring YOU!

 By M.R. Wilson, TB Reporter

We, each and all of us, are the heroes of our own journey—the main characters in our life stories. Go ahead, imagine the book made into a movie, starring YOU!

Thinking about heroes might bring you back to an American Literature class. Recall the Hemingway Hero: Grace under pressure.

I’m pleased to know quite a few real-life Hemingway Heroes. Hemingway Heroines, too.

Put simply, they are people who show courage, endurance, and honor, even when facing bad news. They persevere in a chaotic, painful world.

Hemingway Heroes and Heroines have big hearts. They are humble. They are willing to confront the Big Questions and go off pursuing answers in practical, creative ways.

Maybe you’re like Nick Adams and find natural places your sanctuary in troubled times. Works for me.

It’s been a tough week -tougher for some of us than others. Uncertainty about the future has even affected holiday shopping plans.

Maybe it’s appropriate to think about giving the gifts of time, compassion, kindness – you know, the non-material stuff – what heroes are made of. Things like volunteering, giving to charity, taking someone a meal, offering transportation, or pet/kid-sitting are so often the best presents.

I truly hope you’ll read a little Hemingway. We’ve always needed heroes; we especially need them today. You’ll likely begin discovering and nurturing your own Inner Hero/Rock Star/Warrior.

Next, give him/her an adventure. Go somewhere thus far uncharted in your life’s journey. Do something that scares you a little. Aim for a touch of magic and a shiver of transformation. It doesn’t have to be anything huge. In fact, starting small is smart. I could offer suggestions; but, really, this must come from you.

You’re the Hero, after all.

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The Sassy Sandpiper: Calling All Hemingway Heroes
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The Sassy Sandpiper: Calling All Hemingway Heroes
Imagine your life as a movie - starring YOU!
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