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St. Petersburg Rolls Out Second-Chance Program for Juvenile Offenders

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By Jon Wilson, Consulting Editor, TB Reporter

Second-chance program for juvenile offenders begins.

ST. PETERSBURG – The city of St. Petersburg is rolling out the new Second Chance program for juveniles who commit first-time misdemeanors. The event is 11 a.m. Monday (March 30) at the J.W. Cate / Northwest Recreation Center at the corner of 58th Street and 22nd Avenue N.

St. Petersburg council members who serve on the city’s Youth Services Committee heard of the need for such a program during their December meeting. The goal, police officers and city recreational staff members said, was to “redirect youths with swift and appropriate consequences and to alleviate formal processing within the juvenile justice system while holding them accountable for their actions.” Kids ineligible for the program include those accused of forcible felonies, auto thefts, sex offenses and firearms violations. For a further description of the program, see

St. Petersburg | Juvenile Crime | J.W. Cate Northwest Recreation

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