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St. Pete Sets Second Sewer Symposium

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The meeting will give residents a chance to ask questions, provide comment and stay up to date on improvements to St. Petersburg’s sewer system.

ST. PETERSBURG – Saying they want to keep lines of communication open with residents, officials have scheduled a second sewer symposium this Wednesday (March 15).

The meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at the Azalea Recreation Center, 1600 72nd St. N.

After recent meetings on the improvements to the city’s sanitary sewer system, officials said, it is becoming clear that residents are watching developments with great interest. With questions ranging from possible re-activation of the downtown Albert Whitted Plant, to costs of upgrades at other facilities and issues of resiliency system wide, Public Works leaders left with an increasing sense of just how important this system-wide fix is to constituents.

“Our residents want this taken care of,” Director of Engineering and Capital Planning Brejesh Prayman said. “These meetings give us a chance to explain how we are doing that.”

Although information on the progress of sewer renovation is a major part of the ongoing sewer symposiums-, city staff members said the most interesting time is when residents give feedback on what they see happening.

At a recent meeting, for example, a woman from Maximo Moorings wondered about the location of the Water Reclamation Facilities so close to the water (and what contingencies are in place for severe weather) while another attendee asked about the forecast of making it through a wet weather season without another spill (staff assured attendees that they are 100 percent sure that they have done – and will be doing — everything they can to prevent future discharges). Questions about injection wells and master-planning also brought pertinent points of discussion to light in exchanges that let city staff know this is a very important issue to residents — even as they let residents know they’re doing everything they can do to get ahead of the problems

“We are working so hard on so many aspects of the sewage issue, but we may not have every angle covered,” Prayman said. “Public input — and continuing to hear what’s on the mind of the system users — keeps us aware of the whole picture.”

For information about the St. Pete sewer system and Mayor Rick Kriseman’s infrastructure plan, go to

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St. Pete Sets Second Sewer Symposium
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St. Pete Sets Second Sewer Symposium
The meeting will give residents a chance to ask questions, provide comment and stay up to date on improvements to St. Petersburg's sewer system.
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