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Four St. Pete Council Members Endorse Kriseman

Rick Kriseman | St. Petersburg Mayor | St. Petersburg Politics

Rick Kriseman is running for his second term as St. Petersburg mayor.

ST. PETERSBURG – Four city council members have endorsed Rick Kriseman in his race for a second term as St. Petersburg mayor.

Chairwoman Darden Rice, Vice Chair Lisa Wheeler-Bowman, and Councilmembers Amy Foster and Charlie Gerdes threw their support to him, the Kriseman for Mayor campaign announced today (March 21).

“Councilmembers Rice, Wheeler-Bowman, Foster, and Gerdes have been great allies for progress on our city council,” Kriseman said. “I have worked closely with each of them to fund solutions to our infrastructure challenges, move the new Pier forward, keep the Tampa Bay Rays in St. Pete, and bring economic opportunities to South St. Pete. They are dedicated to making our entire city a better place to live, work and play.”

Rice said, “Mayor Kriseman cares. We don’t always agree, but we always find solutions to the biggest challenges facing our city. With the mayor’s leadership, we have taken action on significant issues that past administrations looked past or did not solve.”

Wheeler-Bowman said, “I have worked side-by-side with the mayor to fight for my district. I especially applaud Mayor Kriseman’s leadership on public safety. From hiring Anthony Holloway to be our police chief to identifying the funds for a new station to bringing back community-oriented policing and working to keep the wrong guns out of the wrong hands, I trust the mayor’s vision for our future.”

When Kriseman took office in 2014, he began working with the city council to resolve major projects that had been stalled, including the St. Petersburg Pier, the future of the Tampa Bay Rays, and a new police station for St. Petersburg’s finest. Since then, construction is set to begin on the pier, a master plan has been completed for the Tropicana site, and groundbreaking for a new police station occurs this month. Additionally, under the Kriseman Infrastructure Plan, the city will invest more than $300 million with the goal of building an even more resilient St. Petersburg.

Earlier this month Kriseman received the endorsement of the police union.

The St. Petersburg primary is Aug. 29. The general election is Nov. 7.

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Four St. Pete Council Members Endorse Kriseman
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Four St. Pete Council Members Endorse Kriseman
Rick Kriseman is running for his second term as St. Petersburg mayor.
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