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Help Rewrite Pinellas’ ‘Constitution’

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Applications are now being accepted for appointments to the Pinellas County charter review commission.

PINELLAS COUNTY – If you’ve ever thought the constitution needed to be rewritten, now’s your chance. Actually, it’s not the U.S. Constitution that’s up for change, it’s Pinellas’ charter, which basically serves as the county constitution.

Every eight years, the County Commission appoints a charter review commission to review the Pinellas County Charter and make independent recommendations to amend the charter. Those recommendations may then go to Pinellas County voters for final approval.

The Charter Review Commission has 13 members:

•    Nine citizens
•    One county commissioner
•    One constitutional officer
•    One member of the legislative delegation
•    One city elected official

Applications must be received no later than the close of business June 1. The County Commission will review all applications and make its selection at the June 23 meeting. Each commissioner will appoint one citizen member of the charter review commission, and the remaining two citizen members will be selected by the County Commission as a whole. Citizen appointments may not be elected officials.

The CRC will begin meeting by the 3rd week of August and will present its final report to the citizens of Pinellas County by July 2016. Any amendments to the charter recommended by the CRC will then be placed on the November 2016 ballot for a vote by the citizens of Pinellas. To apply or for information about the CRC, see

Pinellas County | Pinellas Charter | Pinellas Charter Review Commission

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