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Pinellas TV Show Spotlights Scams Targeting Seniors

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The show, Aging on the Suncoast, can also be seen in Pasco County.

PINELLAS COUNTY – Each year new scams are developed to con innocent victims, a majority of whom are older adults. The February edition of the Aging on the Suncoast show brings attention to the wide variety of strategies used by scammers so consumers can take steps to reduce their risk of victimization.

The show once again welcomes Doug Templeton, the operations manager of the Office of Consumer Protection at Pinellas County Justice and Consumer Services, to continue his discussion from the January edition of the program about aging-specific scams. Kathy Cornwell, a victims’ advocate with the Area Agency on Aging, joins him to offer information about available assistance for victims who are older than 60.

Aging on the Suncoast is a half-hour monthly show featuring subjects of interest to those ages 60 and older. It is produced by Pinellas County Communications and the Area Agency on Aging of Pasco-Pinellas.  Watch this episode on Pinellas County Connection TV or on YouTube at, where past shows are archived. Pasco County residents can watch on Pasco County government access. For the current broadcast schedule and past programs, visit  For information about the Area Agency on Aging of Pasco-Pinellas, see

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