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Pinellas Sheriff Recognizes Woman for Helping Deputy

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Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri has recognized Sharon Scroggins for her selfless efforts to assist a deputy after a suspect struck him several times.

PINELLAS COUNTY – On Jan. 31, Sharon Scroggins was taking her 83-year-old father to a walk-in clinic as he was feeling ill. While traveling east on Alderman Road, a man deputies later identified as Zane Gavin, ran into the roadway in front of Scroggins’ vehicle. Deputies say Scroggins applied the brakes and Gavin fell onto the hood, at which time he banged on the hood and fell to the ground.

Deputy Richard Tipton was patrolling the area when he saw what appeared to him to be a traffic accident. Tipton approached Gavin, who had risen to his feet. Without warning Gavin threw a punch, striking Tipton, knocking him to the ground. Gavin continued to attack the deputy.

Deputies say Scroggins immediately got out of her car to help Tipton. Gavin also attacked her, striking her in the head and face causing her to become disoriented.

The suspect got in Tipton’s cruiser and attempted to commit a carjacking.  Tipton called for help and Tasered Gavin to prevent him from driving away in the cruiser. Assisting deputies were able to subsequently arrest Gavin.

Both Scroggins and Tipton were transported to the hospital for treatment of their injuries and released. Both, however, returned to the hospital within the next few days for head trauma and vertigo symptoms. Scroggins, who was spending time in the area, will be returning to her permanent home in Indiana in order to receive care from her family.

Deputies say that on multiple occasions on the night of the incident, Scroggins expressed her concern over  Tipton’s well-being.

In appreciation for her selfless efforts to assist a law enforcement officer engaged in the line-of duty, Sheriff Bob Gualtieri presented Scroggins with a plaque. To see the presentation ceremony, go to

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