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Pinellas County Offers Sandbags

Sandbags | FLooding | Tropical Storm

The county will have three sandbag locations open today (Aug. 30).

PINELLAS COUNTY – To allow residents more time to make necessary preparation for the upcoming rain forecast, Pinellas County is extending sandbag operations today (Aug. 30) at the following three locations:

  • *John Chesnut Sr. Park, 2200 East Lake Road in Palm Harbor
  • *Lealman Community Park, 3890 55th Ave. N in Lealman
  • *Taylor Park, 1100 Eighth Ave. SW in Largo

Sandbag operations will be available during daylight hours. Sandbags will be limited to 20 per person. Material and bags will be supplied, and shovels will be available. Residents must fill their own sandbags.

Residents are reminded that sandbags are only meant for freshwater flooding issues are in no way useful for storm surge from a tropical storm or hurricane. Residents in non-evacuation zones who are prone to flooding from rainfall are encouraged to use this opportunity to prepare. Residents in evacuation zones should be checking their hurricane plans and kits and getting them ready to evacuate in the event this developing system requires additional action, such as evacuations. Residents can go here to check their evacuation zone.

Pinellas County is now within the three-day cone of track forecast uncertainty. Current forecasts call for the system to make landfall as a mid-level tropical storm, but a great deal of uncertainty remains regarding the strength of the storm and variations in the track are possible. On the current forecast track, our area may start to feel impacts from the storm as intermittent rain starting today into Wednesday, with storm-related rain bands and tropical storm force winds possible early Thursday. Residents are encouraged to watch the weather closely. Pinellas County will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as they become available.

Residents are also advised to sign up for Alert Pinellas to receive emergency notifications regarding situations that may impact them.

In response to the possibility of flooding, Pinellas County is taking proactive steps to ensure the safety and health of our citizens. Officials ask that residents inspect their yards and remove any containers that may hold water. After the storm, once it is safe to do so, residents should empty outdoor containers of any standing water. These actions will help prevent mosquitoes from breeding in their backyards. For more information on mosquito prevention tips, go to

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Pinellas County Offers Sandbags
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Pinellas County Offers Sandbags
The county will have three sandbag locations open today (Aug. 30).
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