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Recycling Center at East Lake Library to Close

Recyclling Center | Palm Harbor | Pinellas County

The center will close now that the recycling center in Palm Harbor’s John Chesnut Sr. Park has re-opened.

PALM HARBOR – The Pinellas County recycling drop-off center located at John Chesnut Sr. Park in Palm Harbor has reopened, after a site expansion project. The nearby recycling drop-off center at East Lake Community Library at 4125 East Lake Road is scheduled to permanently close on Monday ( Jan. 4).

In order to better serve the residents of Pinellas County, the recycling drop-off center at John Chesnut Sr. Park, 2200 East Lake Rd S, has been expanded. Expansion of the site included relocating the south gate 40 feet out to provide needed space for trucks to pick-up and drop-off containers without affecting traffic on Sandy Point Road. Additional concrete was added to make more room for trucks and additional recycling containers. Solid wood fencing was installed to delineate the new site boundary. The center is accessible immediately north of the main park entrance.

For a list of local recycling programs in Pinellas County, go to  For information about recycling options, go to or call Pinellas County Solid Waste Department at (727) 464-7500.

Photograph of recycling drop-off center at John Chesnut Sr. Park courtesy of Pinellas County.

Palm Harbor | East Lake | Pinellas County | Recycling Drop Off Center | TB Reporter

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