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Bystanders Save Two Children from Drowning in Madeira Beach

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Pinellas sheriff’s deputies say the two children were caught in the current off the beach near the John’s Pass Causeway.

MADEIRA BEACH – Pinellas deputies were on patrol during the Pirate Days celebration at John’s Pass in Madeira Beach about 4:45 p.m. Saturday (May 9) when, they say, they were flagged down and told that two children had been caught by the current.

When deputies got to the beach, they saw two children being pulled to the shore by two bystanders. During the investigation, it became known that one bystander, Ricardo R. Rodrigues of Las Vegas, was on the top of the John’s Pass bridge when he noticed the two children in the water being pulled away by the current. He ran from the top of the bridge, down to the beach and jumped in the water to help rescue the children. Another bystander on the beach, identified as Elijah Terrin of Largo, also jumped in the water to help.

Deputies say the children, 6-year-old Daisy Garton and 7-year-old Marshall Garton, both of Hudson, were being supervised on the beach by their father”s girlfriend at the time of the incident. Neither child was hurt.

The investigation continues. For information, see

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