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Pinellas Sheriff Accuses Two of Having Pit Bull Attack Caged Raccoon

Leo E. Perry | Pit Bull Raccoon | Pinellas Sheriff

One of the men posted a video of the animal fight to Facebook, according to Pinellas sheriff’s deputies.

PINELLAS COUNTY – Sheriff’s deputies have accused two men of provoking a pit bull dog to attack a caged raccoon.

Charged with one count each of fighting/baiting animals, a third degree felony, are Leo Edward Perry, 64, of 13155 Pine St., Largo, and Damien Ja-Bree Haynes, 25, of 14743 64th St. N, A, Clearwater. The incident happened at Perry’s Largo home in March last year, Pinellas sheriff’s deputies said. They discovered the incident after Haynes posted a video of the incident to Facebook on Tuesday (Feb. 16).

Both the Sheriff’s Office and the Clearwater Police Department received multiple complaints Friday (Feb. 19) about a video that was posted to Facebook containing graphic images of a pit bull attacking and fighting a caged raccoon.

Deputies said they discovered that, sometime in March, Haynes and other unidentified individuals were at Perry’s home in Largo. Haynes videotaped as Perry opened the cage holding the raccoon, and allowed and encouraged his pit bull to attack and fight the raccoon, deputies said. Others in the video are heard provoking and encouraging the pit bull to attack the raccoon. Deputies said the animals fought each other in what became a gruesome and bloody struggle between the two animals. The video ended before the fate of the animals was known.

Haynes admitted to videotaping the incident sometime in March 2015 and to posting it to his Facebook page Tuesday, deputies said. Haynes was arrested Friday (Feb. 19) and taken to the Pinellas County Jail.

Damien J. Haynes | Pinellas Sheriff | Pit Bull Raccoon
Damien Ja-Bree Haynes

Deputies said Perry admitted to being the person who opened the cage and allowed the attack on the raccoon. He was arrested Saturday (Feb. 20) at his home and taken to the jail. Deputies and officials from Pinellas County Animal Services found 10 pit bulls at Perry’s home. Deputies say Perry voluntarily turned them over to Animal Services.

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Pinellas Sheriff Accuses Two of Having Pit Bull Attack Caged Raccoon
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Pinellas Sheriff Accuses Two of Having Pit Bull Attack Caged Raccoon
Pinellas County Sheriff''s deputies have charged two men with allowing a pit bull to attack and fight a caged raccoon. The arrest occurred after one of the men posted the video of the animal fight to Facebook.
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TB Reporter
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