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City Attorney: Largo Commissioner Can Stay

Jamie Robinson | Largo Commission | Largo

Jamie Robinson resigned last month from the Largo City Commission, effective Tuesday (Feb. 29). He later withdrew the resignation. That’s okay, according to the city attorney.

LARGO – A city commissioner who said he was going to resign from the board but later changed his mind can stick around, according to an opinion from Largo city attorney Alan Zimmet.

“It is my opinion that Commissioner [Jamie] Robinson was able to rescind his resignation since he did so prior to the effective date of his resignation and prior to any action by the commission to fill any vacancy,” Zimmet wrote in a three-page opinion Friday (Feb. 26).

Zimmet noted, among other things, that the city charter, or constitution, does not say whether a resignation can be revoked or must stand. The charter, he said, also does not say someone has to immediately leave the commission when a resignation is submitted. Past commissioners have submitted resignations and continued to serve until the effective date of the resignation.

Robinson was elected to the Largo Commission for a four-year term in 2012. Last month, he offered his resignation, effective Tuesday (Feb. 29), saying he had accepted a new job that required a substantial amount of travel. He felt that the amount of travel would interfere with his service on the council.

But on Feb. 18, Robinson withdrew his resignation saying he had accepted a different job that would not require so much travel. He would be able to continue serving, he said.

Robinson’s seat is up for election in November.

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City Attorney: Largo Commissioner Can Stay
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City Attorney: Largo Commissioner Can Stay
The city attorney has said Largo City Commissioner Jamie Robinson was within his rights to withdraw his resignation before its effective date.
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