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Student Artists Decorate Kenneth City Wall

Kenneth City | Kenneth City Mural | Dixie Hollins High School

The mural by Dixie Hollins High School students is the first public art project for Kenneth City.

KENNETH CITY – For the past few weeks, passersby have watched a blank wall transformed into the first art project for this south Pinellas town. A 61-foot blank concrete wall, 5800 46th Ave. N, has become a picture depicting  many of the wildlife species that frequent Kenneth City’s lakes and ponds.

The mural was a project done by 14 Dixie Hollins High School students in the class of Amy Williams, a visual arts teacher at the school. The project, which took more than 200 hours, gave the teens a chance to showcase their talents to the public. Students participating: Zach Adams, Meridian Jenkins, Katy Kibort, Kayra Olvera, Patty Panabaker, Kelsey Cannon, Savannah Leaky, Katrina Ward, Jacob Glassman, Jeremy Myers, Dezeriah Williams, Clarissa Obregon, Imani Musengwa and Johnny Phoeurk. For information about Kenneth City, see For information about Dixie Hollins High School, see

Photo courtesy of the town of Kenneth City.

Kenneth City | Dixie Hollins High School | Mural

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